DSi is founded as a result of a meeting between Jo Mills (Canada), Penny Robertson (Australia) and Sylvia Escamilla (Mexico) who formalised the mission and structure of the organisation.


In May DSi is registered as a UK charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales.


In May we deliver our first training programme, in Libya. 

In August the 10th World Down Syndrome Congress (WDSC) takes place in Dublin, Ireland.

In November, we move to offices in Teddington, England at the former home of pioneering Victorian Physician Dr John Langdon Down, after whom Down syndrome is named.


In December the United Nations General Assembly declares 21 March as World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD), a resolution proposed and promoted by Brazil, following a request by the Brazilian Federation of Associations of Down Syndrome, who worked with DSi and our members to launch an extensive campaign to generate international support.


In March we organise the first WDSD Conference at United Nations HQ in New York, United States.

In August, we are in Cape Town, South Africa for the WDSC.


In April we visit Tajikistan to deliver education training.


In October we visit Oman to deliver healthcare training. 


In August we are in Chennai, India for the WDSC.


In March we organise the 7th WDSD Conference at UN HQ in New York and a side event at the Human Rights Council, UN, Geneva, Switzerland. 

In July we are in Glasgow, Scotland for the 13th WDSC.  

We complete a 12 month self-advocacy project in Turkey.

As of November, we have more crucial projects than ever before, improving lives for people with Down syndrome around the world.