Tina Bealing

Tina has been working at DSi as Operations and Finance Manager since January 2017. Tina is the first point of contact for new and existing contacts and manages operations and finance. 

Andrew Boys

Andrew Boys has been the Executive Director of Down Syndrome International since the launch of the DSi secretariat in 2009 in the UK, working with DSi’s Board of Trustees to establish a global membership network in 136 countries.

Becky Penrose 

Becky started working as a Community Fundraiser for both DSi and Down's Syndrome Association (UK) in January 2017. Becky leads joint campaigns and events for the charities and also provides wider fundraising expertise for DSi.

Helen Powell

Helen has been working at DSi since 2014. As Policy Development Manager, she is working on various projects including the development of international guidelines in healthcare, education and employment for people with Down syndrome.

Nathan Rowe

Nathan Rowe has been working with DSi since January 2017. As Capacity Development Manager he designs and manages projects, delivers training and provides support to DSi's member organisations.

Anna Sands

Anna Sands has been working for DSi as our Communications Officer since February 2018. Anna is responsible for our websites, newsletters and social media.