Roxhensa Xhengo - Albania

Michael Sullivan - Australia

"I’m retired but being a self-advocate is job in itself. In my spare time I like going for walks, going to the gym and keeping active. I also like to read, do puzzles and just relax. In my life I am proud of lots of the things I have done. This includes;

Being a member of the newly formed Down Syndrome Advisory Network, for Down Syndrome Australia.

Being a self-advocate, putting others before myself. Working on many different projects, doing a lot of public speaking, sitting on boards such as the NSW Council for Intellectual Disability board for many years as chairperson and vice chairperson."

Shahadat Akbar Otonu - Bangladesh

Paul Pasteels - Belgium

Solay Thomas - Bermuda

Janet Charchuk - Canada

"I volunteer at a day care called Kids West and work with the after school program. I am a motivational speaker. I am in the Special Olympics and volunteer with that. I am on the provincial team for Bocce and am training for Nationals this summer. I  live independently so do some chores, cooking, volunteering and training. I enjoy  working out at the gym, going to yoga classes, hanging out with family and friends, cooking and sports. 

In my life I am proud of being able to live on my own. I am being proud of being at my first World Games in Austria in March last year where I won gold for Canada in snow shoeing. 

In the future I hope to move to a larger place closer to my boyfriend. I want to continue on playing sports, working as a self-advocate and motivational speaker, and enjoying life."

Juan Elias Alvarado Monge - Costa Rica

Salvador Gilberto - El Salvador

Antoine Fontenit - France

Devanshi Joshi - India

Devanshi is actively involved in motivating parents and her friends with Down syndrome through self advocacy. She has participated in many self advocacy workshops of Self Advocated Forum of India (SAFI) organized by PARIVAAR and National Trust. She has volunteered at Shilpotsav, an art festival of National Trust and also at Swawalamban, an awarenss exhibition organised by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India.

Devanshi is a keen photographer and some of her photos have been sold at an exhibition in Delhi. She also enjoys travelling and is probably the first woman with Down syndrome to have trekked and crossed 18400 ft., without any difficulty.  

Ali Alanbary - Iraq

Ali was elected to represent the self advocate group of Down Syndrome Association of Iraq at the Hiba Centre for Down Syndrome. Despite living a long way from the centre, Ali is never absent. He participates in all of the ceremonies. DSA Iraq and his family are very proud of him.

Eileen Dunne - Ireland

Eileen is chairperson of the National Advisory Council of Down Syndrome Ireland.

"My achievements are about communication and independence. People with Down syndrome should speak up for themselves. I like my photograph because it shows me talking about all. I am at the moment doing training sessions in bowling. I am happy and proud of representing Ulster in the Special Olympics Ireland in bowling. My dream is I would like be an ambassador for Down syndrome and would like to be doing films and photography."

Carlos Ramirez - Mexico

Dulguun Byambadorj - Mongolia

Ashish Joshi - Nepal

"I am working in Zest Lab, Kausaltar in reception as an assistant. I am learning office work. I get pocket money every month. I go to office myself by bus. I like to talk to friends, eat food, see TV and go out and enjoy and help poor. I am proud to do my job. I want to be an officer and do business."

Andrew Oswin - New Zealand

Favour Onyisi Jideonwor - Nigeria

"I like dancing, writing, braiding hair, and modeling. I was born with Down syndrome and there are other people with Down syndrome in my country but a lot of people do not know what Down syndrome is. Our society sees us as idiots, imbeciles, morons, retards and disabled; with such mind set, we are in a very weak position.  We have a lot of challenges and we cannot fit into our society; however, I don’t think people with Down syndrome are weak and disabled.

With the help of Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria, people are becoming aware of Down syndrome in my country, especially during our Awareness Week.  My dream is to support people with Down syndrome and make the society understand that, there is ability in disability.  Now I feel like a super-star   because i am a self-advocate and a representative member of Down Syndrome International online committee forum."

Abdul Rehman Mani - Pakistan

Jaime Cruz Juscamaita - Peru

"l have a job as restaurant assistant and as a host in Theather La Plaza. In my day to I like to go to the movies to see Peruvian movies and to go to the theatre, to do sports, etc.

I feel proud to finish my studies, win medals in swimming, participate in plays, my works.

My dreams are to be an actor, to be an athlete, to be independent, to have a family and to marry."

Sheri Brynard - South Africa

"I have been an assistant pre-primary teacher in Lettie Fouché School for the last 12 years. After my working day I go to the Gym and I also go for English and Drama classes. I have very little free time, but if I do, I watch TV, read or play on my I-Pad. I have a very busy life because I do motivational speeches nearly every weekend and sometimes in the week as well. I have done more than 600 National and International motivational speeches. 

I am also very fortunate to have addressed a conference at the UN in New York and then last year I addressed the Self-Advocacy Conference in Geneva, Switzerland at the United Nations Office. I have been awarded many awards, but the most special of them are the National Presidential award (the highest award) for people who have made a contribution to the lives of mentally handicapped people in South Africa. The World Down Syndrome Day Award in recognition of my efforts to change the lives and perceptions of people with Down syndrome, is also very special and I was chosen as the first Shoprite Checkers Woman of the Year with a disability, in my category “Young Movers”, in South Africa.

 My dream to write my own book came true last year when my book was publishers in Afrikaans and English. I have one dream which has not come true and that is to meet Chris Burke who was an actor in a show, called “Life Goes On”. He has always been my role model."

Damian Bright - Switzerland

"I have my own flat in the house of my parents. Weesen has a fiord like lake and it is surrounded by mountains. I attend a teacher training school. I hope to work as an assistant teacher. Before I worked as an actor and dancer, with the piece “Disabled Theathe” I travelled around the world. With my day, most the time I study. On weekends, I meet with friends and I visit my grandmother regularly. I am a part of an inclusive dance group. I love sports, music, hiking in the mountains. I have belonged to several dance groups, and have travelled extensively as a dancer bringing joy to the audiences.

For the future my dream is that we become truly an inclusive society all around the world."

Samwel Mwanyika - Tanzania

Robert Cem Osborn - Turkey

George Okudi - Uganda

"My normal day Monday to Friday is working and weekends; Saturday half day; Sunday is prayers. My hobbies and interests are watching TV, visiting people, playing football, reading newspapers, making friends, driving and doing cleaning of my room.  

I have a job. I have stated a transport business. In the future I want to improve on my transport business and become a big company dealing in transport business. And become a director, owning a fleet of vehicles. Also to keep increasing my knowledge of various levels, to suit in the evolving world with its development and technology."

Chaica Al Qassemi - United Arab Emirates

Kayla McKeon - United States

Andile Alexis Dube - Zimbabwe

"With my day I like bathing, washing dishes and cleaning. My hobby is swimming. In my life I am proud of attending workshops and going to my cousin's wedding. In the future I would like to work at a creche."