We are committed to organising the World Down Syndrome Congress (WDSC) in different locations around the world every 3 years. 

The WDSC is an unmatched opportunity for people with Down syndrome, families, advocates, professionals and researchers to meet, and share knowledge, insight and experience with others from different countries and environments around the world. Those who attend once rarely miss it again!

We are very grateful to our national hosts, who put in a huge amount of work to make WDSC happen.


In July 2018 Down’s Syndrome Scotland hosted the 13th World Down Syndrome Congress.

It was a fantastic event with over 100 sessions taking place over three days, there were also fantastic plenary speakers and social events enjoyed by over 1,400 delegates from around the world.

You can view the presentations from the event on the Down's Syndrome Scotland website:

Down's Syndrome Scotland website

In November 2021, Emirates Down Syndrome Association hosted the 14th World Down Syndrome Congress in Dubai.

Visit WDSC 2021 website

Down Syndrome Australia invites you to the 15th World Down Syndrome Congress in Brisbane, in July 2024!

Visit WDSC 2024 website

After 2024...

We are currently reviewing when and where the next WDSC will take place. Watch this space!