Employment advocacy success in Bangladesh

Two self-advocates with Down syndrome have been employed following Bangladesh employment advocacy campaign. Read more

Preparing to advocate for inclusive employment in Kenya

Self-advocates from Down Syndrome Society of Kenya are preparing for an inclusive employment advocacy campaign they will deliver in 2022. Read more

Launch of our Inclusive Employment Case Study

DSi is delighted to announce the publication of the Case Study on Best Practices in the Inclusive Employment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Bangladesh. Read more

Give us a chance!

Throughout our Inclusion Works webinar series, we heard from self-advocates who talked about the barriers they face in employment. Read more

What job do you do?

We asked people with Down syndrome to tell us about their job. Read more

Let's talk employment

Sign up to learn how you can help people with Down syndrome get into the jobs they really want. Read more

WATCH - vaccine prioritisation webinars

We present the evidence supporting vaccine prioritisation for people with Down syndrome and the tools to advocate for it. Read more

A dose of respect

Brazilian Federation of Down syndrome Associations launches their campaign in search of prioritization of COVID-19 vaccinations for people with Down syndrome. Read more