A dose of respect

Brazilian Federation of Down syndrome Associations launches their campaign in search of prioritization of COVID-19 vaccinations for people with Down syndrome. Read more

New website for DSA

We supported the Down's Syndrome Association (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) to plan and create a new user-friendly website. Read more

COVID-19 vaccination prioritisation

Our statement on priority, accessibility and inclusion of people with Down syndrome Read more

Planning employment webinars

Self-advocates shared their ideas as we develop webinars on inclusive employment. Read more

Digital solutions: watch

Watch the recording from our group learning session where we show you what we are doing to make it easier for people with Down syndrome to participate remotely. Read more

Exploring apps to enable inclusion

We have found apps that make direct communication with people with Down syndrome easier for organisations, so that it is easier for people with Down syndrome to take part. Read more

Meet our newly named Ambassadors

Our National Representatives are now known as DSi Ambassadors and we couldn't be prouder to work with them. Read more

COVID-19 advocacy in Africa

Simon shares highlights of the self-advocacy activites taking place in Africa in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

My contribution to 'Listen, Include, Respect'

George Okudi has been worked jointly with DSi and Inclusion International for four months on the ‘Listen Include Respect’ project. Read more

T21RS - COVID-19 vaccination

WATCH the T21Research Society webinar presenting scientific evidence supporting COVID-19 vaccination prioritisation for people with Down syndrome. Read more

DSi announces first official translation of education guidelines in French

DSi is delighted to have worked with Inclusion Down in Belgium to make our education guidelines accessible to French speakers. Read more

Inclusive employment for people with intellectual disabilities

Ishaque reports on his work in Bangladesh, writing a case study on the best practices of inclusive employment for persons with intellectual disabilities. Read more