We are very grateful to people who give their time and skills to help us. Here are some ways you can get involved:

Volunteer at a local organisation

We work with national member and contact organisations in 136 countries. Many of these groups have local members, some do not. But in most cases, these groups have very limited resources and will welcome any help you can give.

You can visit them if you are locally based, or if you are travelling to a country. But you can also offer your support in other ways - whether it is by raising awareness about their work, providing fundraising support or lending your professional or technical skills, they will welcome your offer of help.

You can get in touch with them directly through our global contacts list or we can put you in touch if you prefer.

See our global contacts  

Lend DSi your professional or technical skills

Our staff team does a fantastic job, but we are limited in terms of resources. If you have specific professional or technical skills you feel can add value to our operational activities, on a voluntary or pro bono basis, we would be delighted to talk to you.

DSi project support  

We have a growing list of country based projects, working with our national members in various areas supporting people with Down syndrome and their families and advocates. We would be very happy to speak to you if you are based locally or have links to any of these countries and can offer your help.

See where we work 

Community fundraising in UK

It would be fantastic to hear from you if you would like to offer your time, your energy and your skills for any of the following local activities:

Fundraising stalls 

We regularly need help running fundraising stalls at events in and around Devon.


We need volunteers to help us run large fundraising events, such as Glow In The Park, Exeter.  

Are you crafty?

We are always grateful for donations of anything hand-made to sell, whether it's cakes, preserves or crafts. If you would like to make sock monkeys for us for example, we can provide you with the materials and the instructions! 


If you can spare some time, visit local shops and businesses to ask them if they would be willing to have one of our collection pots and information about our work on display. It's very simple to organise with our team, you just need to ask the question for us!

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