We provide information, training and support to Down syndrome organisations around the world, to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to promote the human rights of people with Down syndrome in their countries.

The challenge

In many countries worldwide people with Down syndrome face various barriers, including negative attitudes, an absence of support and services, and a lack of laws and policies protecting their fundamental human rights.

What we do

We provide expert advice and training to Down syndrome organisations in countries worldwide, to build their capacity to run their organisations well and to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome. This includes:

  • Support with strategic planning to ensure the organisation is focused and efficient;
  • Training on key areas of running an organisation including budgeting, project management, fundraising etc.;
  • Training to develop expertise in key project areas, such as running self-advocacy groups.

National organisations know their country context best, they just need support to build their capacity and skills.

Long term impact

A strong Down syndrome organisation can make the society it is based in more inclusive of people with Down syndrome. It can lobby the government to better protect the rights of people with Down syndrome; change negative attitudes towards people with Down syndrome; and influence the reform of healthcare, education and other systems to ensure that people with Down syndrome are able to access key services.


In Rwanda, we have supported the establishment of a Down syndrome organisation, the first of its kind in the country.

We are providing advice, training, and financial support as they develop as an organisation.

Rwanda organisation support


In Indonesia, we have been providing support to a self-advocacy group for people with Down syndrome. We provide advice and resources about running self-advocacy groups.

In 2019 Morgan, one of the self-advocates spoke at the WDSD event in Geneva.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

We worked with the Down's Syndrome Association (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) to plan and build a new website to accommodate the vast quantity of resources that they produce.

New website for DSA

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