We worked with Sociedad Peruana de Sindrome Down to provide information kits and run informal welcome meetings for new parents of babies with Down syndrome.

The challenge

For new parents finding out that their child has Down syndrome can be a confusing and emotional experience. In Peru this is compounded by widespread negative attitudes to Down syndrome and a lack of available information about the condition.

What we did

129 family members given emotional support and information about Down syndrome.

We worked with Sociedad Peruana de Sindrome Down to produce and deliver 150 information kits to new parents of children with Down syndrome and run informal 'welcome gatherings', which included:

  • A chance to meet and share experiences with other parents;
  • Information from key professionals about Down syndrome;
  • Testimony from adults with Down syndrome about their lives;
  • Testimony from parents with grown up children with Down syndrome.

Long term impact

Feedback from the project was overwhelmingly positive. Parents reported improvement in their feelings and confidence as parents and found information provided by experts useful. The opportunity to speak to adults with Down syndrome and hear about their lives was a highlight for many.

For parents, accessing this emotional support and information puts them in a position to focus on providing their child with Down syndrome with the love and care they need.

Project updates

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Where we work

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