We are supporting Nazari Digar, one of our member organisations in Tajikistan, to run an advocacy campaign for the rights of people with Down syndrome in the country.

The challenge

In Tajikistan, people with Down syndrome face many challenges from an early age. Early development and health services are difficult to access and many children with Down syndrome are excluded from mainstream schools. This means some have to travel long distances to attend schools away from their family and friends, while others are not in school at all. Discrimination is common and negative attitudes lead to exclusion from community life for many.

Despite this, families and organisations in Tajikistan like Nazari Digar are working hard to push for the inclusion of people with Down syndrome in society.

How are we helping?

We are providing support to families and organisations to develop and run an advocacy campaign to try and change the policies and attitudes towards people with Down syndrome in Tajikistan. This includes:

  • Delivering a webinar on inclusive education for families and organisations;
  • Providing intensive training for families and organisations on human rights and advocacy;
  • Supporting families and organisations to plan their advocacy campaign;
  • Supporting them to implement and evaluate the campaign.

Long term impact

We are giving families and organisations in Tajikistan the knowledge and tools they need to advocate for the human rights of people with Down syndrome. This will enable them to run an advocacy campaign for the changes that are urgently needed in Tajikistan.

Long term, a strong movement of families and organisations can have an huge positive impact on the policies and attitudes in their country, achieving improved access for people with Down syndrome to essential services like healthcare and education, and reducing levels of discrimination preventing them from being included in society.

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