We trained a group of self-advocacy facilitators and supported them to establish and run a self-advocacy group for people with Down syndrome in Lagos. The group has been meeting regularly since December 2018.

The challenge

People with Down syndrome in Nigeria are often underestimated and do not have their voices heard in decisions that concern them.

What we are doing

Self-advocacy group for people with Down syndrome established in Lagos.

In November 2018 we spent a week training 9 people from Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria to become self-advocacy group facilitators. Since then we have supported them to establish a self-advocacy group for people with Down syndrome in Lagos.

We returned to Nigeria to check on the group's progress in June 2019. Read about the visit here:

DSi returns to Nigeria

Long term impact

This project will support people with Down syndrome to become confident self-advocates, able to speak up for themselves and other people with Down syndrome.

This will have a positive impact on their lives but will also play a role in promoting the rights of people with Down syndrome in Nigeria. In our experience advocacy is much more effective when it is done by people with Down syndrome themselves.

Project updates

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Where we work

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Where we work