We worked with the Down Syndrome Association of Nepal to provide 44 parents of children with Down syndrome with 3 days of training of early development.

The challenge

In Nepal many parents do not have access to basic information on Down syndrome, related health conditions and early development issues. This means they are unable to provide their children with the support they need to stay healthy and develop to their full potential.

What we did

44 parents trained on Down syndrome and early development.

We worked with the Down Syndrome Association of Nepal to provide 50 parents with 3 days of intensive training, covering:

  • Effective communication and identification of key medical issues;
  • Skills for the day-to-day care of children with Down syndrome;
  • Basic physiotherapy and speech therapy techniques.

Long term impact

The first few years of life are crucial for the development of children with Down syndrome and the right support from skilled and knowledgeable parents at this stage will give their children the start they need in life. Training parents will have a positive impact on their children for years to come. 

Project updates

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Where we work

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Where we work