We trained a group of 25 people including parents, teachers, social workers and health professionals on early development and primary education of children with Down syndrome.

The challenge

Parents and professionals supporting children with Down syndrome in Tajikistan did not have a good understanding of how children with Down syndrome learn and develop, despite being very proactive and motivated. This limited how well they could support children with Down syndrome to develop to their full potential.

What we did

25 people trained on early development and education of children with Down syndrome.

We delivered a 3 day training for 25 people including: parents; teachers from kindergartens, mainstream and special schools; health professionals; academics; speech therapists; psychologists; social workers; and NGO representatives. The training covered:

  • How to support early development including communication skills, cognition and play skills, speech, language, memory, reading, writing, number skills, social development, and behaviour;
  • Learning profile of children with Down syndrome and practical guidance on teaching methods for including children with Down syndrome in schools.

Long term impact

The training made a big difference to participants' levels of understanding about early development and education of children with Down syndrome. For parents, this increased understanding empowered them to support their child and give them the best possible start in life, which will have a long lasting positive impact as they grow up.

The training had a positive impact on the understanding of professionals from a diverse range of sectors. The new ideas and approaches they learned will enable them to improve the working practice in their organisation and sector.

Project updates

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