We train parents and professionals that work with people with Down syndrome about how to support the early development of babies and children with Down syndrome.

Example - Tajikistan

In Tajikistan we trained a group of 25 people including parents, teachers, social workers and health professionals, on early development and primary education of children with Down syndrome. The project was supported by Open Society Foundations.

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Tajikistan early development

The challenge

In many countries around the world parents and professionals working with children with Down syndrome do not understand how children with Down syndrome develop and learn. This means they struggle to support children to develop to their full potential and get the best possible start in life.

What we do

We provide in-depth training on how children with Down syndrome develop and learn and how best to support them in their early development. This covers key areas including:

  • Early communication
  • Cognition and play
  • Speech, language and memory

Long term impact

Informed families and professionals can provide children with Down syndrome with the early development support they need to thrive.

The first years of life are crucial for the development of children with Down syndrome. If they receive the right support from knowledgeable parents and professionals at this stage, they are well set up to live fulfilling and healthy lives.