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The current situation

People with Down syndrome in Honduras have all the rights that a Honduran citizen has; except being able to purchase private health insurance.

The legal system allows substituted decision-making for people with Down syndrome after the family completes the respective procedures with the support of a lawyer.

The legal system also allows for supported decision-making.

However, the rights of people with Down syndrome are most often limited by family members. They can be overprotective not allowing the person to develop autonomy. 

What needs to change?

We need to train and educate families and let them know how far their children with Down syndrome can go. Due to insecurity and low education in the country, families overprotect their children, thus violating their rights to education and work.

We also call to the Secretary of Education, it is not enough that it is mandatory for schools to receive children with Down syndrome. It is also necessary to follow up, and train directors and regular teachers on true school inclusion. In Honduras we are still with school insertion.

What the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities report says.

Taken from the Concluding observations report, 2017:


  • The Committee is concerned that various laws of the State party, such as the Family Code — article 277 of which still contains provisions on tutors and subrogate tutors — are not in line with the Convention and discriminate against and restrict the legal capacity of persons with disabilities.
  • The Committee is concerned at the restrictions imposed on some persons with disabilities in respect of their equal right to own or inherit property, control their own financial affairs and obtain bank loans and other kinds of loans and mortgages.


  • The Committee recommends that the State party repeal any legal provisions that partially or completely restrict the legal capacity of persons with disabilities and that it take specific steps to replace substitute decision-making models with a system of supported decision-making that respects the autonomy, will, and preferences of persons with disabilities.
  • The Committee recommends that the State party ensure equal access for all persons with disabilities to property ownership and inheritance, loans, mortgages and the full range of financial services.

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