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The current situation

It is only recently that Down syndrome issues have been tabled before the Govt Ministry, which is under the Prime Minister's office.

We would say we are not quite there yet with recognition.

First, we are advocating for the condition to be known. Many are asking if there is a Swahili name in substitute for 'Down syndrome'. We are on the right track. But not there yet. A lot more advocacy has to be done.

Does the legal system support people with Down syndrome? Yes or No - it depends on the particular case. If a case of abuse, we report it to the Legal and Human Rights Centre. But unfortunately, the issue is not well solved due to a lack of cooperation from parents/guardians.

Some people with intellectual disabilities are allowed to vote, some are not. It depends on the understanding of the election officer.

There is no system for supported decision-making.

Persons with other disabilities can access soft loans, but those with learning disabilities are considered not to have mental capacity. So they or their families can not access the loan, nor are they given grants. So they are discriminated against even among those with disabilities. We are campaigning for this to change.

A lot more need to be done.

Take action.

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