Thanks to Indonesia Down Syndrome Care Foundation (YAPESDI) for providing this information.

The current situation

A person with Down syndrome will have their legal capacity automatically removed due to this diagnosis. The same applies to other people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities.

People with Down syndrome can't even have a bank account.

What needs to change?

The Government must change all the laws that discriminate against persons with intellectual disabilities.

At YAPESDI we prepare and teach our students to speak up. We teach them about their rights and how to advocate for those rights if they are denied.

What the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities report says.

Taken from the Concluding Observations report, 2022:


  • The Committee is concerned that under national legislation, people can be deemed as lacking competence, in particular persons with psychosocial disabilities and persons with intellectual disabilities, and be placed under conservatorship.


  • The Committee recommends that the State party review Law No. 18 of 2014, on mental health, articles 433 and 434 of the Civil Code, the Criminal Code and article 32 of Law No. 8 of 2016, with a view to harmonizing them with the Convention to guarantee the right of all persons with disabilities to equal recognition before the law and to establish supported decision-making mechanisms in all areas of life.

Take action.

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