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The current situation

In Madagascar, the legal situation of a person with Down syndrome is not essential for the State.

Down Syndrome Madagascar is working hard to defend the rights of people with Down syndrome and to challenge the State to accept people with Down syndrome as a whole people and have the right to live and have a life like everyone else.


There was a case of a young man (over the age of 18) with Down syndrome who wished to apply for a national identity card.

It was impossible.

The head of the district said that the young man's parents must obtain a certificate of residence.

The family called on our association to help them to obtain this certificate.

What needs to change?

First, the state must accept that people with Down syndrome are fully-fledged people with full rights in society.

Secondly, our association needs help to advocate at the government level and to make it known that Madagascar has already ratified the international convention for people with disabilities.

Take action.

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