Whether it’s our donors, our members or any of the other key stakeholders in our network, our supporters are critical to our success.

We are only able to deliver real improvements to the lives of people with Down syndrome because of the hard work, tenacity and generosity of our supporters. Without you we simply wouldn't be able to do what we do.

That's why your trust is vital to us and why we're committed to being fully transparent and accountable to you.

Our Supporter Promise comprises our guarantee to you when you choose to support Down Syndrome International:

Transparency about how we spend money. We spend donations so they have the most impact for people with Down syndrome. We value every donation, large and small, and we will always put this to work as quickly as we can.
Amazing stories that show how you’re helping transform people’s lives. Your support helps people with Down syndrome around the world. We’ll share stories of our work, highlighting the difference we make, while being honest about the challenges we face.
Respect for your privacy. We protect and do not sell your data.
We will be guided by you. We will make it clear and easy for you to choose how you hear from us. If you ask us not to contact you, we will not.
A friendly, open and timely response when you contact us. If we get things wrong, we will be upfront about our mistakes, apologise and fix them.