To achieve our aims, we depend on our donors, who provide us with funding and the individuals, groups and organisations in our network, with whom we design and implement all of our work.

Through building strong relationships with these stakeholders, we are able to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome around the world.


We need to be accountable to these stakeholders if we are to maintain their trust and support. So we look to be as transparent as possible when it comes to our spending, our operational activities, our performance and our organisation’s governance and policies.

How we spend your money

Check our annual reports

Whistleblowing policy

Safeguarding policy

We do not always get things right and we encourage anyone with complaints to contact us so we can try to resolve any issues. We are committed to doing so in an appropriate, fair and timely way.

We are currently reviewing the following, please watch this space for future updates:

  • Strategic plan (which assesses our performance against our aims and objectives)
  • Our policies (which guides the way we interact with all of those who participate in any way in the work of DSi).