Promoting positive change for the education of learners with Down syndrome in Tajikistan

We were recently joined by 12 participants representing 8 organisations of persons with Down syndrome from across Tajikistan for our latest webinar presenting our recently published International Guidelines for the Education of Learners with Down Syndrome.


We would like to thank Tahmina Hakimova from Nazari Digar in Takijikstan for presenting the webinar in Russian language. 

Andrew Boys and Helen Powell from DSi attended also to answer translated questions in the Q&A at the end of the webinar.

You can watch a recording of the webinar here:

What was covered in the webinar?

We began by talking about why and how the guidelines were created; the need for International Guidelines and how we made sure they were of international relevance and credibility.

We went on to explain what they are and what they contain, i.e. 3 guidelines in one document.

We discussed how they can be used to help promote positive change to education in Tajikistan; how the guidelines can be promoted and implemented.

We gave examples of how the guidelines have been used since their launch in July 2020.

And finally we explained to the group how DSi can help going forward.

Feedback and plans from webinar

Feedback from the webinar has been very good.

All participants felt the guidelines will have a positive impact on the education of learners with Down syndrome in Tajikistan.

Participants agreed that work needed to be done urgently to promote and implement the guidelines. They are going to translate the guidelines to make them accessible in their country and to have a formal document they can take to policy makers. Ahead of this, they will translate sections of the guidelines and work together as organisations to make plans for promotion and implementation of the guidelines and advocate for quality inclusive education nationally.

We will be supporting them as they progress.

How you can help!

To read the guidelines, simply download here:


If you would like to learn about or take part in future DSi activities related to education, to help us put the recommendations of these guidelines into practice, please sign up here: