The DSi National Representatives and DSi Board of Trustees recently met to talk about working in partnership.

First of all we looked at some easy read information on what a charity/NGO does and what the role of a board of trustees is.

We then discussed two questions:

  • How does DSi help people with Down syndrome?
  • How can the representatives help the DSi Board?

Here are some of the answers:

“DSi helps me express myself in a more open way, it makes me feel more happy and supported.”

“Help to change perceptions about people with Down syndrome.”

“We were there to make sure the rights and needs of people with Down syndrome were addressed and listened to and this was put into the CRPD.”

“The National Representatives could help with planning and delivery of World Down Syndrome Day”

“It is important to propose actions that would generate change in the lives of people with Down syndrome.”

“I have a lot of communication skills and a lot of leadership skills that I can bring.”

“I would happily find more self-advocates who can answer questions.”

“We could work with the DSi board on what the outcomes are for the organisation.”

“I think DSi helps to raise awareness and talk about our disabilities. Helping things like plain language, so that people with Down syndrome understand things more.”

Following the meeting the national representatives are going to start on this work straight away and will start thinking about how they can help with the planning and delivery of World Down Syndrome Day. We will keep you updated.

Could your local Down syndrome organisation arrange a similar meeting with your self-advocate network?

We believe that people with Down syndrome should be involved at all levels of decision making within Down syndrome organisations.

If you do this please let us know how it goes, we love to hear how people with Down syndrome are being included in organisations work.