In June we visited Lagos for the second time to follow up on our training for self-advocacy group facilitators. We were there to check how the self-advocacy group is doing and provide more support to the group facilitators.

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What has happened since we visited in 2018

Since we visited in November 2018, Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria have established a self-advocacy group for people with Down syndrome. The group has been meeting regularly to learn about their rights and practice speaking up for themselves.

They have engaged in lots of different advocacy activities since forming the group, including:

  • Raising awareness about Down syndrome in schools and churches in their local community
  • Meeting with local government to talk about their rights
  • Visiting the UN Office in Lagos
  • Appearing on television to talk about self-advocacy

What did we do while we there?

We were there to evaluate their progress and provide extra support to the self-advocacy group facilitators. We observed them facilitating one of the self-advocacy group sessions and provided training on:

  • How to get feedback from self-advocates
  • Strategies to help people with Down syndrome retain learning
  • How to produce easy-read materials
  • Measuring the impact of advocacy work

Then we worked with Down Syndrome Foundation Nigeria to plan the next steps for the group.

We ran the training with George Okudi, our Self-advocate Fellow from Uganda. It was very interesting for the group to hear George share his experience as a person with Down syndrome advocating for himself.

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