In November 2020 we took on Ishaque Mia to work on a case study on best practices in employment for people with intellectual disabilities.

Ishaque is a hard of hearing person from Bangladesh and has lots of experience advocating for the rights of people with disabilities.

Here is a description from Ishaque of what he has been doing:

Right to work is a human right for people with disabilities.

The Constitution of Bangladesh declared equality among all citizens.

People with intellectual disabilities have the right to work just like everybody else.

But they are often excluded from employment opportunities despite being talented and skilled.

Employing people with intellectual disabilities is beneficial not only for the employees, but for the employers as well.

Here in Bangladesh, I am writing a case study on the best practices of inclusive employment for people with intellectual disabilities.

To complete this task, we already reviewed desk data and the next step is to interview job seekers with intellectual disabilities, employers, family members and NGO representatives.

We have a plan to share the case study though a webinar.

This case study will give a clear understanding of intellectual disability to employers and will drive the employers’ positive attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities.

This will support the cause of employment for job seekers with intellectual disabilities and give them financial independence.

This work is funded by Inclusive Futures, a UK Aid-funded consortium of 16 disability and development organizations led by Sightsavers working to create a future that is inclusive of people with disabilities.

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