We recently ran 2 days of online human rights with parents and family members in Tajikistan and 2 days with organisations representing persons with Down syndrome there. The training is part of a larger advocacy project led by Nazari Digar, our member organisation in Tajikistan.

Training for parents and family members

The training included parents and family members from across Tajikistan and one from Russia, with children of varying ages. The participants shared their experiences raising children with Down syndrome and some of the difficulties they faced. Many of their children had faced discrimination and bullying and they had difficulties accessing services they needed, including early intervention services like therapies. There were also reoccurring issues related to education, including being rejected from mainstream schools or forced to travel long distances or to board at special schools.

We provided training on the rights that persons with Down syndrome have, including the right to non-discrimination, healthcare, and inclusive education.

Training for organisations representing persons with Down syndrome

The training included organisation representing persons with Down syndrome from across Tajikistan. The organisations raised similar issues as the parents and family members in terms of issues faced by persons with Down syndrome in Tajikistan. We provided a more in-depth training for them, including:

  • The UN human rights system
  • The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • The Sustainable Development Goals
  • International Accountability Mechanisms

Next steps

We are now supporting Nazari Digar and the other organisations in Tajikistan to plan an advocacy project based on the training, focusing on the key issues they identified. They have already conducted interviews with over 100 family members in the country to better understand the issues their children with Down syndrome face. These will also provide good data and evidence to support their advocacy work.

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