Create your own personalised sponsorship/event/appeal page to promote to your friends, colleagues and family. This can be for an event organised by you, someone else (e.g. London Marathon), or simply an appeal on DSi's behalf. 

Total Giving enables you to raise funds ONLINE and/or add funds you raise OFFLINE e.g. in cash at your event. The benefits of creating a page are that you can:

  • Get online donations (or not if you choose)

  • Promote your event (plus DSi will)

  • Show your support for DSi and

  • Allocate your funds to one of our projects

Please note - if you are taking part in one of our joint events with Down's Syndrome Association (UK), you should follow the specific fundraising page instructions on the relevant events page here

Creating Your Page

To create your page go to:

1.Type in your email address and create a password (login with your Facebook account if you like).

2. Add your contact details and choose whether to receive mailings from us. Please consider ticking the “Public Supporter” box. This simply means your name will appear as a supporter of DSi on our Total Giving charity page, which will encourage more supporters.

3. Give your page a title. The title you choose may include your name, the event you are doing and/or the theme. Examples:

  • Joe Bloggs running London Marathon

  • Coffee Morning for World Down Syndrome Day

  • Company PLC’s “Lots of Socks” Day

4.Set a fundraising target. At this point you can enter any funds you have already raised OFFLINE....funds you have received by cash, cheque, bank transfer etc. which you plan to send directly to DSi.

Note 1 – If you are raising funds for DSi AND other charities on a split basis, you can enter the allocation to DSi as OFFLINE funds.

Note 2 - You can also add to offline funds later.

5. Choose from one of our fundraising campaigns linked below:

Building Capacity In Developing Countries

need to check with Nathan what is going on this site for projects. 

6. If you are taking part in a specific event e.g. World Down Syndrome Day then select one we have preloaded or add your own event. Your page will then include a reference to this event and a day countdown clock.

7. Create a web address for your page e.g.

8. Enter a personal message your chance to explain what you are doing, why you are doing it and why people should either donate to your cause or, in the case of your own event, why they should come along and how they can do so, e.g. Come along to our “Lots of Socks” Day on 21 March at ..........................................We are doing ........................................ and raising some funds for DSi on World Down Syndrome Day. If you cannot attend, please consider making a donation to support people with Down syndrome in Colombia. Thank You

9. Message to supporters – your chance to send an automated thank you to each online donor.

10. Upload a page image banner (or use one of ours), create an image gallery, upload a YouTube video.

11. ACTIVATE YOUR PAGE, check it all looks ok and SHARE IT AS WIDELY AS YOU CAN!

12. If you need to make changes, add OFFLINE donations, or choose not to accept donations to the page, simply go here (making sure you are logged in)