DSi is governed by a board of trustees who oversee the strategic direction and legal obligations of the charity.

The board of trustees met in August 2021 for our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Annual report 2020-21

Andrew Boys, Executive Director of DSi, presented our annual report for 2020-21 at the meeting.

The annual report provides a comprehensive review of our progress for the previous 12 month period, reporting in detail on all of our activities for this period and including detailed financial information.

The report was approved at the AGM and then submitted to the Charity Commission for England and Wales (the charity regulator in the country where we are registered). 

We are very proud of what we achieved in 2020-21, particularly as we and the rest of the world responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have great plans for the year ahead and beyond.

You can download our annual report here:



The board of trustees includes people from all over the world from a range of professional backgrounds, each with lived experience of Down syndrome (currently all are family members of someone with Down syndrome).

They give their time voluntarily and we are enormously grateful to all of our trustees for the vital role they play at DSi.

Each year at our AGM, one third of our board retires with the option to stand for re-election and sometimes new board candidates seek election.

This year, we welcome a new trustee to the board, Darren Warkcup. Darren is the treasurer and a trustee of the Down's Syndrome Association (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and brings new skills and added experience to our board.

We would like to express a big thank you to Patricia Almeida who has left the board. Patricia joined the DSi board 10 years ago and has made a huge contribution to our progress over this period. The DSi board and staff wish Patricia well and know that she will continue to break new ground supporting and empowering people with Down syndrome globally in various key areas where she has considerable expertise and experience and particularly in Brazil and South America.  

Board officers

Following the AGM, the trustees have also elected new officers.

We are delighted to welcome Bridget Snedden to the role of President. Bridget succeeds Vanessa dos Santos, who has worked tirelessly to lead the team over the past few years and will continue to participate on the board and represent DSi at the International Disability Alliance. 

Bridget, who is the parent of a young man with Down syndrome, said, “I am very humbled and proud to lead DSi Board of Trustees".

We also welcome Rhonda Faragher to the role of Vice-President, succeeding Bridget. Patrick Clarke continues in the role of Treasurer.

Read more about our board of trustees:

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