In response to the fatal shooting of Nathaniel Julies, a 16-year-old with Down syndrome, by police officers in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Wednesday 26 August, we stand with Down Syndrome South Africa in demanding the following remedial actions:  

  • The City of Johannesburg take responsibility and enforce the message that criminal conduct by any person in public service will not be tolerated; 
  • Swift and decisive action for the immediate suspension of public servants whenever they are allegedly involved in harming any person with a disability. There must be a thorough investigation followed by public and transparent prosecution and consequences through the actions of the National Prosecuting Authority by bringing them before the courts; 
  • State departments stop saying that their members have been trained and have special skills to deal with persons with intellectual disabilities but start to demonstrate those skills in dealing with persons with disabilities who have limited ability to comprehend and respond to instructions and situations;
  • All law enforcement agencies and all state departments and public institutions to ensure that their members are properly equipped and skilled to deal with all South Africans including persons with disabilities.

Through our collective actions we can ensure JUSTICE FOR ALL.

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