Foundations of our work (the things we need in place so we can deliver our strategy):

  1. Committed, skilled people in a welcoming and inclusive work environment.
    To make a better world, we need passionate and talented people, including our staff, board members, and advisors. Our team needs to have the skills and support they need. We need to be sure that our team includes all different people and that everyone is welcomed and respected.

  2. Strong, active leadership and effective management.
    We need strong leaders who have great ideas, inspire other people and take us forward positively. We need great managers who can make sure we work well together to achieve our goals.

  3. Inclusive and effective communication.
    We need to make sure our network communicates well with each other and with people outside the network. We need clear, easy-to-understand communication so everyone in our network can take part and share their ideas. This will help us work together to make the world better for people with Down syndrome.

  4. Good governance by a network that represents people around the world.
    Governance means the way an organisation makes important decisions about what to do and how to do it. We need to make sure we have a clear and organised way to make decisions together as a network. We need to make sure that members of our network from around the world have an equal say in decisions.

  5. Sustainable funding and well-managed money.
    We need to have enough money to pay for all our projects and costs. We also need to look after our money carefully and plan for the future. This will help us to be successful with our strategy and achieve our vision for a better world.

Our approaches to making change (the things we need to do):

  1. Develop and share evidence, stories and examples of inclusion of people with Down syndrome.
    Examples of people with Down syndrome being included help make change happen. We will share examples of inclusion from around the world. This will help our network to speak up for inclusion of people with Down syndrome.

  2. Empower people with Down syndrome and their families to speak up for their human rights.
    People with Down syndrome and their families know best what needs to change in their communities. We will support them to understand their human rights and have the power to speak up and take action.

  3. Support Down syndrome organisations to become stronger and more inclusive.
    People with Down syndrome and their families have a stronger voice when they work together as Down syndrome organisations. We will support Down syndrome organisations to include everyone and be strong enough to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome.

  4. Build and lead partnerships with important people, groups and organisations.
    We can make bigger changes to the world if we work together with other people, groups and organisations. We will work together with the people, groups and organisations that our network needs to change the world. This is often called a partnership.

  5. Coordinate advocacy for the human rights of persons with Down syndrome.
    Our network will make a bigger positive change if we all speak up for human rights together. We will bring our network together to work on shared goals with shared messages.

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Learn about what we are trying to achieve:

What we are trying to achieve

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