Issues with eyesight may affect children and adults with Down syndrome. As for everyone of all ages it is important to have regular sight tests.

Eyesight in children with Down syndrome

The eye problems which may affect children with Down syndrome are commonly those which occur in any group of children – they just tend to occur more frequently and sometimes to a more marked degree, therefore it is especially important to have their eyes checked. 

The treatment of children with Down syndrome usually differs very little from that of other children. Because of their learning difficulties children with Down syndrome sometimes need vision tests designed for younger children. They may find it easier to sign rather than name pictures verbally. Children with a heart condition do not usually have a problem if they need eye surgery, but advice from the cardiologist should be sought.

Eyesight in adults with Down syndrome

The eye conditions that occur in adults with Down syndrome are not unique to the syndrome – all occur in the general population. However, some conditions are more common in Down syndrome, or occur at a younger age in Down syndrome.