Some of our 2017-18 highlights, we:

  • progressed our review towards a new strategic plan;
  • increased our staff/volunteer resources to deliver on and fundraise for our project based objectives;
  • published new information and research abstracts within our website to make accurate information readily available and extended our section on outreach to focus attention on challenging situations in many countries;
  • took forward our major international guidelines project, focusing on healthcare and education, with a process which will ensure international involvement and credibility and a good start made on specific guideline documents;
  • played a key role supporting the hosts of WDSC 2018, both in an oversight and operational role, as well as laying the foundations for WDSC 2020 and 2022;
  • participated in conferences and meetings and strengthened relationships with key partners at national, regional and international levels to ensure dissemination of accurate information about Down syndrome;
  • funded and managed successful outreach programmes in Rwanda and Peru, provided training expertise for a programme in Turkey and increased our organisational capacity project output, working with 25 countries;
  • developed our advisory group and committee structure to ensure full expert and stakeholder involvement in our work;
  • increased our media output, in so doing bringing our network closer together;
  • consolidated key relationships with the UN, IDA, IDDC, T21RS and other relevant organisations, to speak on behalf of the global Down syndrome community and
  • ran our most successful WDSD campaign to date, with a globally adopted theme, widely seen video projects, successful events, awareness and merchandise initiatives.

You can download our full report at the Charity Commission for England and Wales website, simply click on the link below and then click "Accounts and annual returns", reporting year 31 March 2018:

See annual report