Some of our 2014-15 highlights, we:

  • opened a new office in Exeter and employed new staff to help accelerate our progress;
  • continued to enhance and consolidate the DSi website as an international resource for information and connecting people;
  • provided extensive assistance to the WDSC 2015 hosts throughout 2014-15 ahead of the event in August 2015;
  • provided further support in the development of APDSF and ADSN, as well as connecting with EDSA and FIADOWN;
  • undertook a health outreach programme in Oman (following education in Tajikistan in 2013);
  • consolidated our network through our website, social media and the launch of the first edition of DSi News;
  • co-operated and made new relationships in the international Down syndrome and disability communities with the UN, IDA and Trisomy 21 Research Society;
  • continued to raise the public profile of World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) through the well established WDSD website, our global theme campaign; awareness activities, our 4th conference held at UN HQ and the WDSD Awards.