In this interview by Katie Matthews, who has Down syndrome, Dr Roger Banks from the UK NHS England Learning Disability and Autism Programme provides some helpful information about:

  • What is a vaccine;
  • How are vaccinations made;
  • Why you should get a vaccine;
  • How you should decide whether to get a vaccine.

What you need to know.

COVID vaccines are there to protect people from getting a very serious illness.

There are several different vaccines around the world which can prevent people from getting COVID-19.

All vaccines have been tested on a large number of people to check they are safe and they are effective at preventing the illness.

As far as we are aware from our global contacts, there are no adverse effects of having the vaccine that specifically relate to people with Down syndrome.

If anyone has concerns about getting the vaccine, they should think about the danger of getting the illness and any concerns should be discussed with their doctor who can provide them with information.

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