Dominique Kantor from Argentina tells us about her personal experiences participating:

Speaker biography

Dominique Paulina Kantor is from Argentina and is 32 years old.

She is validator for Fundación Visibilia, Easy to Read division, a professional television producer (SATSAID, 2018) and Vice President of the Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities in the Down Syndrome Association of the Republic of Argentina (ASDRA).

She has been a speaker on Gender and Disability (Visibilia, 2019); on various topics of inclusion in the Global Disability Summit (Argentina, 2019); and on her experience on the “Downeate” project, before the International Labour Organization (Peru, 2017). Dominique was always educated in common education schools and completed post-secondary complementary training. She concluded her studies with a Diploma on Audiovisual Production.

She currently works as an administrative assistant in the City of Buenos Aires.

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