As a member of the International Disability Alliance, DSi was pleased to contribute to the Call To Action which was launched at the United Nations Transforming Education Summit 2022.

This was a Call to Action for All Children, including the 240 million children with disabilities worldwide.

We call for world leaders to commit to transforming education so that every child in the world can access quality, equitable, inclusive education and lifelong learning.

Solutions that support the inclusion of learners with disabilities are the same approaches that support the well-being and success of all learners.

We call on everyone to show that the 240 million children with disabilities matter and commit, by 2030, to:

  1. Progressively increase budgetary allocations for disability-inclusive education towards being at least 5% of education budgets.
    • Set a medium to long-term target to ensure all learners with disabilities are reached in all education programmes, recognising that at least 10% of learners in any country will be learners with disabilities.
    • Ensure all education programmes and grants mainstream disability and include disability-inclusion criteria and targets.

    Achieving these three commitments would not only reverse the education gap for children with disabilities but would transform education systems in a way that will bring benefits to all and will help make greater, and more rapid, progress towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4.  

    Read the full Call to Action which includes more information about how leaders to meet the commitments:

    Call to Action for All Children