We are off to COSP!

We are really excited to be attending the 16th session of the Conference of States Parties (COSP16).

COSP is a gathering organised by the United Nations. Different groups gather to discuss their work on implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

It’s a meeting where representatives from different countries, organisations, and advocates for people with disabilities come together to talk about how to respect and protect the rights of people with disabilities.

If you would like to know more about COSP, take a look at the easy read explainer produced by Inclusion International:

COSP fact sheet

Why are we going?

At COSP we will be supporting self-advocates with Down syndrome to speak up about their right to easy-to-understand communication. 

They will highlight the main barriers to accessible communication that people with intellectual disabilities face.

They will share good practices and recommendations for easy-to-understand communication.

Country representatives and organisations will have the chance to outline their approaches to making communication accessible.

Vinicius Streda - The importance of simple language in my autonomy.

Vinicius is a writer and lecturer. He is also a self-advocate with the Brazilian Federation of Down Syndrome Associations.

"I will show how simple language allows me to have a normal life. Living alone, being married, having my own company, travelling, and giving lectures. I make everything with autonomy and independence."

Olivia Sidhu - Easy to understand communication for accessibility: Good practices and Recommendations.

Olivia is an advocate in disability affairs and is a health ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia, promoting the active inclusion of people living with disability in the workforce.

"I am a very hard-working advocate. I love what I do and the difference I am making. I will talk about how accessibility, inclusion, and communication help us to be an active part of our own lives and our communities."

We believe that ALL communication should be easy-to-understand.

Easy-to-understand communication is communication that is accessible and in easy-to-understand language.

Using easy-to-understand communication means people with intellectual disabilities can take part.

Read our introduction to easy-to-understand communication:

Introduction to easy-to-understand communication

In December 2022, the United Nations General Assembly passed a Resolution on ‘promoting and mainstreaming easy-to-understand communication for accessibility for persons with disabilities’.

You can read the resolution or a plain-language summary here:



Listen Include Respect.

Find out more about the work we are doing with Inclusion International to help organisations include people with intellectual disabilities in their work.

Listen Include Respect website

COSP is a closed event. If you are attending, you can find more information about our side event here:

COSP 2023 - Side event