DSi facilitates a self-advocate committee which is a group of national representatives. 

A national representative speaks on behalf of all the people who have Down syndrome in their country. 

We currently have 28 national representatives and will be growing this network.

The national representatives meet once a month to discuss different subjects and conduct advocacy activities.

The group supports DSi with our work and help steer us in the right direction.

We will be co-producing resources and materials for our members.

The National Representatives will deliver training and webinars alongside our team in the future.

Our experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic

Dulguun - Mongolia

"From the end of January everyone has been in lockdown. I have been trying to not get bored. To keep busy I have been playing table tennis, listening to music and watching YouTube. I want to know when there will be a vaccine and when things can go back to normal."

Robert - Turkey

"I have not been able to go to work, I miss work, normally work is busy, which keeps me busy. I attend online meetings almost every day, with the self-advocacy group, which I have enjoyed."

Kate - United Kingdom

"Coronavirus has affected all the activities I normally do and all the areas I normally go. It is important to keep busy during a lockdown. I am doing zoom meetings 4 times a week. Listening to music, reading and helping in the garden."

Jaime - Peru

"At first I was in shock. It has been difficult not being with friends. I am worried about people losing their jobs. It is important to stay calm."

Sheri - South Africa

"We were supposed to travel to London in March, I was supposed to do a presentation at school, I was going to be involved in some research. Everything was cancelled. But then a wonderful invitation arrived. I have been asked to play a role in a national soap. We must focus on the blessed things."

Favour - Nigeria

"To stay busy I have been playing, writing, talking and dancing. We’ve had to keep washing our hands regularly."

What else did we talk about in our last session?

We discussed the group moving forward and agreed on subjects we will be addressing in the group:

  • The rights of disabled people and human rights;
  • Travelling;
  • What people do in their day to day lives in different countries;
  • Education;
  • Independent living;
  • Making choices;
  • Health;
  • Legal capacity;
  • Training;
  • Loss of jobs due to covid-19;
  • Employment;
  • Access to technology;
  • Advocacy.

Learn more about our National Representatives on the dedicated page:

National Representatives