The DSi national representative committee have been working hard and contributing to DSi’s work in various ways. We are learning so much from the group and are grateful to all the members for their ideas, advice and guidance.

Upcoming online training

We are happy to announce the group will be delivering some online training soon. National representatives will be discussing self-advocacy, group working and how they like to be supported to speak for themselves and take part in meetings.

All of us need support to take part in group activities. Some people, including those with Down syndrome may need more support than others.

When we are conducting self-advocacy activities good support is paramount to ensuring that everyone including people who have Down syndrome can take part, raise their voices, and make changes.

The webinar will cover:

  • What is self-advocacy?
  • What is a self-advocacy group?
  • Skills that self-advocates are building upon.
  • What is the role of support?
  • How I like my support to work with me.
  • Time for questions at the end.

The webinar has been developed alongside the national representatives

Who is the webinar for? Anyone who is supporting people with Down syndrome.

When will the webinar take place? 23rd of October at 3pm UK time

How much will the webinar cost? Nothing it is free.

How do I get involved? Register using the link below:


Media and website project

The group are working hard to improve their landing page on our website and updating their bios and pictures. The committee co-wrote a script for a video and have been filming sections for this. We cannot wait to share the finished video with you.

They have shared many photos for DSi to use in our communications for us to promote self-advocacy! See them in action below.

Facebook group

We have opened a Facebook group where the national representatives keep in contact outside of the meetings. It is a place to talk about our joint work, project ideas and share our stories.

The group is growing

DSi have invited more of our member organisations to nominate a national representative for their country. We are happy to announce we now have committee members from Ghana, Indonesia and Bangladesh. DSi are committed to hearing from people with Down syndrome from all areas of the world and will continue to grow our committee membership over time.

Welcome to Serina Abdulah (Ghana), Morgan Maze (Indonesia) and Fahim Hassan (Bangladesh). You can learn more about our new representatives as well as our existing representatives on our National Representatives page.

National representatives