The Down's Syndrome Association (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) is one of the world's leading organisations supporting people with Down syndrome and their families.

They were established in 1970 and have evolved from a parent member organisation into a leading national charity.

The DSA produce a vast quantity of information for the Down syndrome community. Their resources are valued by individuals with Down syndrome, families, carers, and professionals worldwide.

The challenge

In 2019, the DSA approached DSi asking for our help.

Over the years, as more and more resources were produced and added to the DSA website, it became difficult for users to locate the information they needed.

The DSA wanted our support to make their website more user friendly. 

What we have done

The DSA worked with our Supporter Engagement team. 

In phase one, we surveyed the DSA team leaders to determine what each team wanted from their website. We used the feedback from the survey to create a website plan.

In phase two, we supported the DSA to approach developers to discuss what type of system would work best and how this could be implemented in a new 'future-proof' website. Together we selected a developer, and the construction of the new website got underway.

The DSA were delighted to launch their brand new website in June 2021. 


Long term impact

The DSA website will serve the local and global Down syndrome community as a go-to place for accurate and up-to-date information about living with Down syndrome.