In January 2020 DSi visited Nairobi, Kenya to launch our new project with the Down Syndrome Society of Kenya.

What we did

We met with 3 Kenyan people with Down syndrome, some family members, and staff from the Down Syndrome Society of Kenya. They told us about what life is like for people with Down syndrome in Kenya. We then asked for their ideas and opinions about the new project we are launching.

The project will involve:

  • Training the Down Syndrome Society of Kenya on human rights and advocacy
  • Training and supporting them to start a self-advocacy group for people with Down syndrome
  • Supporting the group to engage in advocacy work on employment of people with Down syndrome

What they said

The people with Down syndrome we met were very enthusiastic about the project. They liked the idea of a self-advocacy group where they could stand up for themselves. They all thought getting a job was a very important thing to work on and had very clear ideas of the kinds of jobs they want.

The family members highlighted some of the barriers that face people with Down syndrome looking for jobs in Kenya. They thought this project would help to overcome these barriers and support people with Down syndrome in Kenya to find employment.

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