DSi ran a workshop and delivered a keynote speech at the second annual National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) Adult Summit in Detroit, Michigan.

What is the NDSS Adult Summit?

The Summit is a conference organised by the National Down Syndrome Society in the USA. It covers all areas of life for adults with Down syndrome and is aimed at people with Down syndrome, families, caregivers and professionals.

Find out more on the NDSS website:

NDSS Adult Summit

What did DSi do at the Summit?

DSi ran a workshop for people with Down syndrome aimed at getting them to speak up and discuss what self-advocacy means to them. There were lots of passionate self-advocates who had a lot to say about speaking up for themselves.

DSi also delivered a key note speech at the event. During the speech we invited people with Down syndrome on stage to tell the crowd about self-advocacy. We also announced Kayla McKeon as DSi's National Representative with Down Syndrome for the USA.

Read more about our self-advocacy work here: