Globally persons with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities are one of the most excluded groups from work and employment.

There are many factors contributing to this, including stigma, discrimination, and a lack of workplace-related skills and experience.

We want to see more people with Down syndrome in paid employment in open, inclusive and accessible environments.

We also want them to have a choice when it comes to employment. We want to see a shift towards employment that is in line with the interests of the person with Down syndrome.

The Hiring Chain video released earlier this year was created to draw attention to people with Down syndrome in employment.

In partnership with Coordown, DSi has been working on providing support for employers who are interested in hiring people with Down syndrome. We are developing an employment webinar series for this purpose.

Employment webinar series

We have lined up a series of webinars featuring people with Down syndrome speaking about their experience in the workplace.

We will also hear from employers about their experience of working with a person with Down syndrome.

There will be question and answer sessions for potential employers and we will share resources from our member organisations to support the recruitment process.

Our global member organisations will speak about the support they provide to people with Down syndrome and employers.

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