DSi has worked with Chain of Hope and the Uganda Down Syndrome Association to arrange critical heart operations for Jane and Keith, two young children with Down syndrome from Uganda.

Why did they need our help?

Keith and Jane both had congenital heart defects, which are more common for children with Down syndrome. They both needed important heart operations that could not be done in Uganda. The cost of flying them to another country for surgery was high and their families could not to afford it.

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What did we do?

We contacted Chain of Hope, a UK based charity specialising in heart treatment for children in developing countries. Their panel of medical experts looked at the children's cases and concluded that they needed to be flown to Spain for surgery.

First the children needed diagnostic catheters to check that it was safe to operate. We raised money to pay for these, with one sponsored by The Exeter and one covered by donations to a Facebook fundraiser.

Next we worked with the Uganda Down Syndrome Association to get passports and visas for the children and their mothers.

Finally in March Chain of Hope flew the children to Barcelona to have their urgent heart operations. Both operations were a success.

What next?

Jane and Keith are both now back at home in Uganda with their families. The Uganda Down Syndrome Association is in regular contact to monitor their progress.

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