In November 2019 we visited Bangladesh again for the second training workshop of our project supporting the Down Syndrome Society of Bangladesh to start their first self-advocacy group.

Project progress

We spent time talking to self-advocates, group facilitators and parents to evaluate the project so far. The group has made a lot of progress since it started shortly after our first visit in June:
  • It now has 13 members with Down syndrome
  • It has regular meeting discussing issues including human rights
  • It has begun to engage in advocacy work, including speaking to government officials during Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October.

Participants in our June training from TMSS Bangladesh have started another self-advocacy group with 6 members in Bogra, Northern Bangladesh.

What we did

We ran some more training sessions for the group facilitators on potential advocacy activities and how to support the self-advocates to learn new topics.
Finally we spent some time supporting the Down Syndrome Society of Bangladesh to plan the next steps for their self-advocacy group. They are aiming to start self-advocacy groups for people with Down syndrome across Bangladesh.

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