In September 2019 we were in Dubai training the Emirates Down Syndrome Association. They will be starting self-advocacy groups for people with Down syndrome across the UAE over the next year. The project will lead up to November 2020, when the Emirates DSA will be hosting the World Down Syndrome Congress in Dubai!

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What we did

We ran a 4-day workshop with staff from the Emirates DSA, family members, and other organisations working with people with Down syndrome in UAE. We trained them to become effective facilitators of self-advocacy groups for people with Down syndrome.

We covered topics including:

  • Human rights and safeguarding

  • Communication and supported decision making

  • Supporting self-advocacy skill development

  • Planning and running group sessions

The training was very interactive and on the 4th day the group practised facilitating a self-advocacy group of people with Down syndrome.

Why is this important?

People with Down syndrome in UAE often do not have a voice in decisions being made about their lives and struggle to speak up about issues that are important to them.

This project will help the Emirates DSA to build the skills and confidence of people with Down syndrome in the country to become self-advocates and speak up for themselves.

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