We are delighted to welcome George Basil Okudi to the DSi team as our Self-advocate Fellow. 

We first met George in 2017 when we supported him to participate in BRIDGE, an inclusive human rights training for disability activists. George is DSi's National Representative Member with Down syndrome for Uganda and a remarkable self-advocate. We think he will be a valuable member of the team focusing his attention on human rights in Africa. George recently helped with our training in Nigeria where he spoke to self-advocates at length about his life and his work. 

Alongside the work that he is doing for DSi, George runs his own transport business and hopes to build up his fleet of vehicles and also to increase his knowledge of development and technology to keep up with the ever evolving world. Outside of work, George enjoys watching TV, visiting people, playing football, reading newspapers, making friends, driving and cleaning his room.

Watch out for blogs written by George in the future.