The T21 Research Society is doing an international study looking at the effects of COVID-19 in people who have Down’s syndrome. The study has collated data from across the globe.

Although children and adults who have Down syndrome will differ in terms of underlying health conditions they may have, initial findings indicate that the effects of COVID-19 are similar to the general population, apart from an age effect. We know that, in the general population, older people are more likely to experience more significant illness from the virus and for people who have Down syndrome this seems to be for adults aged 40 and over.

The key messages from the study are:

  1. Monitor for the same symptoms as in the general population, plus nasal symptoms in younger patients with Down syndrome;
  2. Protect those over age 40: risk for fatality more common in middle-aged individuals;
  3. Younger individuals (below 20 years) do not often present with severe disease;
  4. More survey data are needed to confirm these conclusions.

Data is still being collected from around the world.

If you know anyone who has Down syndrome that has been directly affected by the virus, it will help this important study if they can complete the online survey


For more detail about these results you can access the full report here:

Report 27 May 2020

To learn about how DSi are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic please visit the COVID_19 response pages here:



Thank you to everyone who has already completed the questionnaire.