Our team has been invited to give feedback on the World Health Organisation's (WHO) 'Health Equity for Persons with Disabilities: a Guide for Action'.

This Guide for Action provides a process that Ministries of Health can follow to improve health equity for people with disabilities in their countries. The Guide to Action will be an inclusive process, with people with disabilities involved at all stages. 

The Guide to Action builds on the WHO Global Report on Health Equity for Persons with Disabilities, which found that people with disabilities have far worse health outcomes than other people. This situation was especially bad for people with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities. 

Our member in Tanzania took part in one of the first trials of the Guide to Action. We are working hard to support our members in upcoming countries to get involved, including in Indonesia, Nepal and Nigeria. 

The DSi Programme team worked alongside other disability organisations to review the content of the guide and offer practical feedback. The WHO will use this feedback to complete the guide and prepare it for launch later this year.

DSi is currently working with Humanity and Inclusion on a health equity consultation, which will help our network better engage with the Guide to Action processes. 

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