Our vision

People with Down syndrome living healthy and meaningful lives in the community. 

Our values

  • To listen and respond to people with Down syndrome to ensure that everything we do is guided by their expressed needs and that we can represent their wishes.
  • To enable and empower people with Down syndrome to lead the lives they want to by advocating for environments where they can develop their potential and make their own choices.
  • To be accountable to people with Down syndrome and those who advocate for them, being clear and transparent about the work we do.
  • To be open and together, reaching out to communities, organisations and individuals who seek our help, communicating, cooperating and working together in partnership with others who can work with us in achieving our mission.
  • To be international and independent, serving the interests of people with Down syndrome, no matter where they live in the world, maintaining independence and integrity in our decision making.
  • To be accurate and truthful, providing only information on Down syndrome which is accurate, current and evidence based and which presents a true picture of all aspects of living with Down syndrome.
  • To learn and improve, identifying good practice and lessons learned both from our experience and that of others to inform our future work.
  • To lead by example, striving to lead a global community actively promoting the right of people with Down syndrome to be included as valued and equal members of society.