Our mission is to improve quality of life for people with Down syndrome worldwide and promote their inherent right to be included and accepted as equal members of society.

We achieve this by:

Providing information, support and resources

This happens in many ways, from publishing information resources, to hosting international conferences, to the production of international guidance documents and the delivery of training.

What we do consistently is collaborate with international experts and national Down syndrome advocacy organisations, sharing expertise, knowledge, resources and best practices.

In turn we build the capacity of national stakeholders to sustain themselves, represent people with Down syndrome and deliver support to ensure better quality of life and inclusion in their countries.

Representing people with Down syndrome

We always encourage international communication and cooperation, helping to develop a consensus so that we can represent people with Down syndrome with a single global voice.

We have developed international committees for both people with Down syndrome and national Down syndrome organisations and these and other forums provide international stakeholders who we call upon to inform our work.

This approach gives us a mandate to represent people with Down syndrome at the international disability advocacy level.

Raising awareness about Down syndrome

It remains vitally important to raise awareness about Down syndrome and the potential of people with Down syndrome to contribute and live meaningful lives on an equal basis with others.

We coordinate and promote international activity around World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) on 21 March each year as a day dedicated to people with Down syndrome.

Through our global network, our media channels and projects and our United Nations conferences, we highlight the desperate conditions many face today, while focusing on the potential of people with Down syndrome and giving advocates a global platform to speak up.